George Cerqueira Sepero

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George Cerqueira Sepero

Quality Control Manager

Hello! My name is George and I’m Koehler’s international face. Born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, raised and educated in the Garden State of New Jersey( A bit of an oxymoron, I know). I’m married and my beautiful wife is a blessing from above, along with 2 wonderful older kids that I wear proudly on my heart.

An once dreamer turned visionary through life’s challenges and victories thereof. I’m a big MMA fan! Can’t get enough of it. Beyond the octagon, my pursuit of wisdom through faith is a daily humbling experience that is second to none. My marriage is God centered and my life today seeks to reflect the gratitude in my heart for the 2 most important lessons I’ve learned; I’m not alone so I don’t need to go through any peek or valley alone.

A Bio-Chem major in college with a background in sales and management. 22 years ago, I remodeled my 1st home with my hands and 4 years later built my first home. My mission is to serve this industry with honesty, clarity, and expertise. I serve on the front lines of Koehler Homes, and it is my privilege and honor to do so.