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We have the resources available for all budgets in mind. Koehler Homes has access to manufacturers who are approved within the state of Florida. You’ll be educated at your consultation on the manufacturer that works best for your home and budget.

Adding new replacement windows to your home can be valuable in many ways. For homeowners looking down the road toward eventually selling their homes, energy-efficient windows can be a strong selling point for a realtor and can increase a home’s value. Additionally, there are benefits you’ll enjoy right away with new windows, like the savings on your home energy bills from increased window efficiency. Also, your comfort levels will also benefit, thanks to reduced drafts and better overall comfort for everyone in your house. Today’s replacement windows perform better than their older counterparts and enhance the quality of life in the home. They are a great investment both financially and in less tangible ways.

Please remove your curtains, blinds, and/or window treatments. Security devices should also be removed or deactivated by your security company. Please provide the installer with a clear path to the window by moving any personal items or furniture that is in front of the windows. It is also advisable to remove all wall decorations from the walls close to the windows.

Today’s replacement windows do a great job of preventing condensation. Manufacturers design windows that maintain a surface temperature above the dew point. These replacement windows block heat transfer through the panes. Windows’ effectiveness at reducing heat transfer is reflected in their U factor (or thermal transmittance). Windows with a higher U factor are more likely to allow condensation. Replacement window with multiple panes, special glazing, and other features have the lowest U factor. New windows that are sealed, in combination with an efficient heating and cooling system, will also promote lower relative humidity inside, which also helps limit condensation.

The majority of our windows are installed from the inside. In certain situations, we may be required to install from the outside.

Energy-efficient windows have a number of traits in common with one another. They are manufactured using quality frame materials that insulate well and prevent heat transfer. The most energy-efficient replacement windows are those with argon or krypton between panes, gases which insulate better than air. They have low-e coated glass to reflect infrared light and keep heat in the house during the winter. Energy-efficient replacement windows have warm edge spacers to keep panes the correct distance apart. These spacers also insulate pane edges and reduce heat transfer and always make sure that the window provides a foam spacer between the panes of glass.

The type of replacement window being installed and type being removed help determine the amount of time needed to install your replacement windows. On average each window takes about 45 minutes. Trim work and cleanup will require additional time to complete. An average job will take a single day.

We remove all debris from your property and dispose of it. If you would like to keep your old windows, please notify the project manager as soon as he arrives for your installation.

Drafts are caused by windows that are poorly sealed, inadequately insulated, or improperly installed. Even new replacement windows can be drafty if these areas are not addressed correctly. Window drafts can certainly be caused by the windows themselves, by simply being poorly built or no longer functioning properly. But even high-end, energy-efficient replacement windows can be drafty if the installation is not done with expert care. At Koehler Homes, Inc, we make sure to foam insulate the “dead air space” between the window frame and the home's opening where the window sits. We offer some of the most energy-efficient window products on the market today, and with our proven professional installation, your windows will offer you the comfort and quality you’re looking for!

Koehler Homes Inc installs windows year round. A standard installation will take only one day. Our installers install one window at a time and are trained to close any doors to the room they are working in to minimize heat loss. The energy savings from the new windows will recover any additional costs incurred within a few days.