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Replacement Double Hung Windows

A double-hung window is a window that can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top. There are two independant sashes that move both up and down. Double-hung do not only make your home look beautiful but the windows are also very simple to both operate and clean. Cleaning is a breeze since both sashes tilt inward for easy access to the exterior glass surfaces. Double-hung windows also ventilate without protruding inwards or outwards. Double-hng windows are a popular choice in entertainment spaces like porches and patios.

Offering a beautiful look and style to any home, these windows bring in natural light and fresh air to any space where they are installed. Double-hung windows are energy efficient, easy to operate, and easy to clean. Contact Koehler Homes, Inc today (904) 580-3777, to learn more about our double-hung windows, design options, manufacturers we carry, and cost options available for your home or business.

Double-hung windows have many names. They are often referred to as: double sash windows, sash windows, and double windows

Benefits of Double Hung

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean- both sashes can be cleaned by tilting each sash
  • Energy efficient
  • Dozens of design options
  • Economically priced- Price options for all budgets

double hung

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