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Replacement Windows in Gainesville, FL


Are you in need of new windows for your home or business? Koehler Homes, Inc is one of the highest rated window companies in Northeast Florida. We earned a 5-star reputation through our honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship. We specialize in replacement windows, new door installation, home siding, and construction of new sunrooms. Whether you need one window replaced, or new windows for your entire home there is no job too small or too large we cannot handle. If you would like a free no obligation quote today, contact one of our window specialists at (904) 580-3777.


Are you having problems opening and/or closing your windows? Are you noticing a higher than normal energy bill? Mold or moisture on the window sill? These are all signs that new windows may be in your future. Windows play a significant role in safety, efficiency, and aesthetics in your home. We understand windows are a substantial investment, and there is no one size fits all model. Prior to calling any window installation company, call the professionals at Koehler Homes, Inc. We consult with every customer and provide you with valuable information from both a product standpoint, as well as tactics some vendors will use to try and acquire your business. Whether you choose to do business with us or not, you will be educated on the products available, and the right questions to ask prior to making a decision.

We have replaced thousands of windows throughout Gainesville, Jacksonville, Lake City, and pretty much all of Northeast Florida. Unlike many other window companies, we go the extra mile for every customer. We make sure every window we install is weathertight and properly installed for your home or office. We also provide a Life Time Warranty on our windows.

Manufacturers We Carry

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We offer a wide variety of window manufacturer options. Whether you are looking for the top of the line windows, or a standard window we offer a wide variety of options for your needs, style, and budget. Below are the types of windows we typically install.

  • Awning Windows
  • Bay & Bow Windows
  • Double-Hung Windows
  • High Impact Windows
  • Privacy Windows
  • Sliding Windows

Are you in the market for new windows but are not sure of the type of windows you need, or the style options available? We are here to help. Our expert window consultants will walk you through the process of the current types of windows you have and the style options available based on your budgetary requirements. Call us today for a free in-home window consultation (904) 580-3777.


There are many benefits to window replacement. Whether you are looking for energy efficiency, aesthetics, or functionality there are many reasons to consider window replacement for your home or office. Below are some common reasons to consider replacing your windows.

1. Usability: Windows that do not open or close properly can be a safety concern. They may be old and in need of replacement, or they may have been improperly installed. Properly installed replacement windows will give you the ability to use your windows again.

2. Comfort: Comfort in your home is important. Replacement windows can have a substantial effect on your comfort. Is your home drafty? Does a room not stay cool in the summer or warm in the winter? New windows that are properly installed will fix these issues and provide comfort and better energy efficiency.

3. Improved view: Many times, we consult with homeowners who have fogged windows they are unable to see out of. New windows will provide you with a crystal-clear view of the outdoors.

4. UV protection: Are you noticing the furniture near your windows is fading? UV protection is crucial to protect your furniture from fading and most importantly your family from harmful UV rays. Old windows provide little to no protection from UV rays. New windows will provide a shield from UV rays protecting both your family and furniture from their harmful effects.

5. Noise reduction: Oftentimes old windows provide little to no buffer from outside noises. If you want to reduce outside noises new windows can have a significant impact on noisy neighbors.

At Koehler Homes, Inc. we will discuss many options with you based on style, function, and budget. We want every one of our customers to have quality windows at an affordable price. If you would like a free consultation contact us today to speak with one of our window specialists (904) 580-3777.


We have relationships with the top window manufacturers in the country. Whether you need windows on an economical budget or top of the line options we have a wide variety of windows you can pick and choose from.

Below are a few of the more popular brands we carry.

  • Simonton Windows
  • PGT
  • And Every Other Manufacturer In The Country

Our goal with every customer is to provide the best quality service and product at the most affordable price. We want to make your replacement window experience as painless as possible. Our window consultant will customize a window solution for your budget and needs. This consultation will include the window brand, features, colors, types, and price. An explanation of our timeline, process, warranty, and financing options available will also be discussed with you. As one of the premier window replacement companies in Gainesville, your satisfaction with your service is what sets us apart from the competition.

Contact Koehler Homes, Inc today to schedule a free in-home consultation. We will come to your home or business, inspect your windows, and provide a customized solution for your needs. Call now (904) 580-3777.