Abbey Coultas

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Abbey Coultas

Marketing Director

Hello, my name is Abbey. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve lived in Jacksonville for 2.5 years with my husband and adorable kitty, Millie.

At 8 years old, I started playing golf to spend more time with my dad. I received a scholarship to FSC and moved to Florida 8 years ago. My favorite course I’ve played is Old Toccoa Farms in Blue Ridge Mountains. On the weekends you can find me outdoors, with friends, or finding local boutiques and coffee shops. Even though I live in Florida, closely to the beach, my ideal vacation is in the mountains. I recently traveled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and it was the most beautiful place I’ve been to date.

I have a background in marketing, sales, and broadcasting. I work behind the scenes as the Marketing Director at Koehler Homes to raise brand awareness while being a media liaison. I love watching the company grow while using different marketing platforms and techniques.