7 Benefits Tinted Windows Bring to Your Home

Although tinted windows are a familiar feature in modern vehicles, they’re much less common in the home. For many homeowners that’s a missed opportunity, as tinted windows add several excellent benefits to a property.

Adding a tint to existing windows is easy using a special film, or it can be done as an option during a full window replacement project. Here are seven essential reasons you should consider having tinting installed.

1) Energy Savings

Tinted windows help maintain a stable temperature inside your home, whatever the weather. In summer, there’s a slower build-up of heat, and so you’ll save on air conditioning costs. In winter, less heat is radiated away through darker windows, and so you’ll save on heating. Either way, tinted windows can quickly repay their installation costs through lower energy bills.

2) Greater Comfort

With tinted windows, you’ll have a more consistent temperature in different parts of your home. You won’t find well-lit areas turning into an oven while shadier ones stay uncomfortably cold. Your home’s overall temperature is easier to control, making it more pleasant to live in.

3) Glare Reduction

Tinted windows dramatically reduce glare on a sunny day. This benefits your eye health by reducing strain, reduces headaches, and makes many daily activities easier.

However, it also protects your furniture and decor from damage caused by strong sunlight. From carpets to couches, artwork to drapes, your home’s contents will keep their color for longer, reduce fading, and age less quickly.

4) Ultraviolet Protection

The dangers of too much sun are well known, but being indoors isn’t necessarily complete protection. Ultraviolet rays pass straight through ordinary glass windows, and the risk of sunburn is higher than most people think. In contrast, tinted windows reduce UV by over 95% to give you complete protection indoors.

5) Better Security

If a potential intruder can’t see into your property, they’re much more likely to pass on to an easier target which they can see through. With home security, every little advantage counts.

6) Greater Privacy

And it’s not only intruders who can’t see into your home through tinted windows. Darker glass adds an extra measure of privacy if your home is close to busy public areas or nosy neighbors.

7) Safer Glass

And lastly, as part of the tinting process, your window glass will also be strengthened for better protection and safety. If the glass does get broken, the tinting film helps to contain shattering and reduce dangerous sharp edges.

Tinted glass may be relatively unusual in homes, but it’s quickly gaining in popularity. It’s inexpensive and easy to fit, and a professional installer can help you choose from the wide range of films available.

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