Hurricane Season and The Importance of Impact Resistance Windows

Over the past several years Northeast FL has been in the path of several named storms. We have been fortunate to avoid significant disaster. Hurricanes can take their toll on a city. They can destroy homes, cause trees to fall, wide spread flooding, and worst of all death. Many of us that have ridden out many of these hurricanes understand the importance of having a plan and being prepared. Part of being prepared is prepping your home to be able to withstand natures furry. Impact resistance windows are an important step in protecting your home and family against strong winds, flying debris, and heavy rains. As we enter hurricane season yet again, it is important to re-evaluate your homes windows.

What Are Impact Resistance Windows?

Impact resistance windows, also called impact windows are windows that are engineered to keep the glass from breaking away from its frame during an impact. With traditional windows, if an object impacts the window with enough force, the glass will shatter in the same direction of the impacting object. Impact windows, however, are designed to prevent the window from shattering. This is accomplished by its construction. Impact windows consist of a heavy-duty frame with laminated impact-resistant glass. The glass is comprised of two panes of glass fused together with polyvinyl butyral. This construction keeps impacting objects from penetrating the glass and entering your home. An object may break/crack the glass; however, the interlayer of the window will remain in-tact preventing any intrusion.

If you are in the market for new windows call us today to discuss the benefits of impact windows for your home or business (904) 580-3777.

Energy Efficiency and Homeowners Insurance Savings

All of us would like to save money when the opportunity arises. One way to save is on our electric bill. Our homes old windows and doors can cause up to 20% of our home’s air conditioning loss. This can significantly increase your monthly electric bill. Installing the right window and door in your home can reduce your cold air loss, as well as add UV protection. Also having professionally licensed installers is important, as improper window installation can affect your windows ability to function properly as well as energy loss.

Not only can impact windows save you money on your energy savings they can also have a positive impact on your homeowner’s insurance savings.

At Koehler Homes, Inc, we specialize in impact windows and doors for both residential and commercial applications. We offer the industry’s best warranty on all products, so you are always protected. We also employ some of the best window & door installers in Jacksonville. If you would like more information on our impact windows, call us today at (904) 580-3777.

Why Choose Koehler Homes, Inc?

Koehler Homes, Inc is a Jacksonville window installation company. With years of experience and one of the highest-rated window companies in Northeast Florida, you are in good hands for all of your window and door needs. Being in the midst of hurricane season, now is the time make sure your home and family are protected. If you would like a free in-home consultation, contact Koehler Homes, Inc today. One of your window experts will come to your home to inspect your windows and provide you with an honest assessment of your windows and doors. Call now to speak with one of our representatives (904) 580-3777.

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