Questions To Ask Your Window Installation Company Prior To Hiring Them

If you are in the market for new windows, your primary focus may be on the style and brand of windows for your home or the cost of new windows. This is important, however equally important is the window installation company you will be hiring. A quality window is only as good as the installation that is done on them. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on new windows that are not installed correctly.

To verify that you a hiring an experienced and professional window installation company you will want to ask them a few questions to verify they are the right company for the job.

How many years have you been installing windows?

This question is a slight variation from how many years have you been in business, as there are many newer companies that are very trustworthy and professional. Rather than making a decision solely on the number of years in business, I would rather want to know how many years of experience does the contractor have installing windows? You want to make sure the company you choose has years of experience installing windows. Experience in the field is what matters as this ensures knowledge and expertise.

Is your business license and insured?

This question should always be a deal breaker. Always hire a company that can prove they are licensed and insured. The company you hire is required by the state of Florida to maintain an active license to ensure safety compliance and competence. They are also required to carry liability insurance so if someone is injured or if something is damaged at your home the company maintains all liability.

What brands of windows do you carry?

Most professional window installation companies will carry multiple brands for style, functionality, and budget options. If they limit themselves to a very limited option, they are more than likely trying to meet quotas, versus providing the customer with exactly what they want. Always choose a company that can provide you with multiple brands and styles so you can customize your windows to your likes and budget.

Do you have brick and mortar showroom?

Researching windows online, and viewing them in a magazine, pamphlet, or catalog is a great starting point. A showroom, however, provides you with the end product. You can test the windows, weigh material options (wood vs vinyl), feature options (single-hung, double-hung, sliders). It also provides you with the opportunity to ask probing questions to a window professional. They can further assist you in narrowing down your decision based on your needs.

Do you offer a warranty?

A reputable window installer will offer warranties on their window products and installation. Make sure you ask if they back their products and service with a warranty. Make sure they explain the details of their warranty and how it could possibly apply in the event of a faulty window or installation, and the time frame the warranty covers. 

How are your online reviews?

Consumers are more empowered now than ever before. If you have had a negative experience with a company, you can now let the world know by putting a negative review online. If a company has a bad reputation online, they have a history of not providing quality service to their customers. A business that cares about their reputation will go the extra mile to service their customers, and in the event, they get a negative review they will respond to the customer to remedy the situation. You can review customer reviews by visiting sites like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Google My Business, etc…

Can I view your portfolio?

As with most reputable businesses they want to showcase their work for future customers. Whether their portfolio is online or in a brochure, they should be able to provide you with before and after images of jobs, they have completed.

Why Choose Koehler Homes, Inc?

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